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  • Why More Millennials Go Part Time for Full Time Pay

  • With long-term unemployment near historic highs, it's no surprise many workers have transformed into free agents. But younger workers—particularly so-called millennials—are embracing freelance jobs more aggressively than older peers, according to recent data. According to a national survey of more than 3,000 independent professionals released last week by Elance, 47.3 percent identified themselves as millennials—those born from 1981 onward. Freelance work is becoming the primary source of income for the group, said Fabio Rosati, chief executive of Elance, an online platform that connects freelancers with businesses. The study also found 26 percent of the millennials surveyed have full-time jobs—in addition to freelance gigs. These workers want to supplement their income or are engineering a career shift, possibly to a different sector, Rosati said. Millennials surveyed, who are freelancing, are also highly educated, with 77 percent possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher. And 27 percent have a master’s degree, according to the study.

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