Here are just some of the few reviews that ratedKG recieved so far:
oDesk 5.00 Rating

Fiverr 100% Rating, Level 1 (for now)

Italki Student Reviews:
pramod kharkwal: "Thank you, sir. I will follow your instruction."
Leon: "Another excellent class. I really appreciate Keith's help, just look forwads to next class."
kanae: "Thank you Keith. It was another wonderful session conversation class also very useful for me I learnt how to explain my thinking and opinion well. He always help my English skill. Thanks again."
Joanne: "An interesting class! It has very good atmosphere. Thank you very much!"

WizIQ Student Reviews:
Aisha Binte Akram: "Friendly environment is what every person needs, while learning something. So, this class fulfills this need. To improve our English, we need to "speak." So this class gives opportunity to speak and improve English by learning vocabulary words. Thanks Teacher Keith for helping us to "speak."
Kris Manebo: "I enjoyed the class..."
Fernando Rodriguez: "It was an excellent class!!!. congratulations."
naz: "Really, I don't know what I can say about this class because it is a wonderful class.. not just to learn (the) English but there are (an)other things we should know. in this class, we know how the person (will) be happy..."
Ana Fulanah: "You have nice topic with good questions. It's good to hear what are others' people thinking and we can share"

Review Writing Task: "Keith is a good contractor and I will work with him again."
john_vincent (Research): "Amazing. Exactly what I wanted and done in super fast time. I highly recommend this gig. I will be coming back for more. Thanks."
giantbusiness (Research): "you did a good job ... You're a great researcher and assistant. Thanks for your help - valuable member of our team Keith. Keep up the solidly good work."
charistek (Research): "Stellar work! More coming if KG is available - He's really good!"
thesoundsco (Web Store Management): "Prompt, responsive, very smart and communicative. Multiple purchases made from this seller."
WashingtonWA (ESL Tutorial): "Great English conversation practice experience with Keith." "Good conversation experience. He gave me some tips on how to write and speak English fluently based on his experiences. Great job. Looking forward to next session."
Piro (ESL Tutorial): "He was always cheerful and friendly and he explained with enthusiastic teaching style any time. Thank you!" "Thank you for your class! I enjoyed talking with you. Your explanation was very helpful for me."
Rainbow (ESL Tutorial): "As a teacher, Keith has a good attitude in teaching. Despite he was sick today, he still acted professionally and responsibly. As usual, he was very much involved in the session."
contentsource (Data Mining): "KG is a hero!"
bigtiesto (Virtual Assistance): "KG is a diamond in a sea of broken glass. He did what he had to do thoroughly and flawlessly. And did I mention quick also? What a true class act. Definitely one of the very, very best on Fiverr. Buy with confidence, this guy has got it all. A real pro. A++++ across the board."
lazaharevich (Virtual Assistance): "Great experience. Quick, accurate... I will use him again. Thank you."
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